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HUD SIM...... a head-up display on the ground

During the development phase of various aircraft programs, one of the major equipments necessary to test the systems being built is the Head-Up Display (HUD). Considering the fact that HUDs are expensive and in short supply, ComAvia started building a HUD simulator.

This effort resulted in HUD-SIM as a product being created. It performs like an actual HUD when connected to the Mission Computer / Display Processor / Open Architecture Computer / Core Avionics Computer / Open Systems Architecture Mission Computer, etc. The RS 422 and UFCP interfaces have also been incorporated wherever necessary. HUD-SIM is a comprehensive tool extremely useful for system designers and developers.

This product has been widely accepted by the avionics community working on various aircraft programmes like the MIG 27 and Jaguar Upgrade, LCA and Sukhoi.

HUD-SIM..A head-up display on the ground